Residential / Commercial / 3D Modeling Services

Hourly Rates:

Residential House Plans

  We are a custom home design firm specializing in house plans, and home designs for the residential customer. Our house plans include all elevations, floor plans, and detailed wall sections needed for you to build the home of your dreams. We are starting house plans at $1.50 per square foot.


Commercial Plans are prepared by professional Architect or Engineer


   Plan design types include commercial, industrial, and tenant space planning projects. Our drawings are prepared to assist the design professional, developer, contractor, or building owner during the planning stages of a commercial development projects.

Commercial design and construction documents priced per job.

Tenant planning starting at: call for current price per square foot.



Retail Plans


  Retail experience includes complete store layout, cabinet placement, reflective ceiling plans, floor & wall finishes, storefront grille and glass sections.

Call for current prices:


CAD Drafting technician: 50.00-75.00 

Designer / Project Management:  75.00-125.00