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Drafting and Design work process

Design and Drafting

If drafting services is your need, then be sure you have reached the leading CAD and drafting outsourcing services provider in central Ohio! Humphrey Drafting & Design opened its first CAD office in June 1993. We have continued to expand our CAD design and drafting services over the last 24 years to meet the growing demands of our industry.

Communication with our customers enables effective outsource CAD services and better value for our customers. Humphrey Drafting & Design affordable and reliable CAD and drafting services cover the needs of architects, engineers, government agencies, municipalities and contractors around the central Ohio.

Work Methodology

At Humphrey Drafting & Design, we have developed and fine tuned a number of processes including, but not limiting to, team communication, project status reporting, workflow management, collaboration tools, quality review and quality assurance to make outsourcing work for our customers.

We believe that work processes and quality reviews are key to successful CAD outsourcing. For every customer, small or big, Humphrey Drafting & Design offers personalized relationships and flexible options for workflow integration, overlap hours, and real-time communication to provide you full control of your outsource projects.

Our Work Process

A new client work process starts with talking to the Humphrey Drafting & Design team. Leave us your contact information or call us to find out how we can get started. We offer a time tested work processes to help you outsource your CAD work: Project based CAD support and the Dedicated Studio CAD support.

As a first step, a project manager is allocated for every a new customer and the project manager acts as the single contact person for handling the new customer’s needs, including setting up communications, understanding project requirements and finally coming up with a drawing list and the man-hours estimate for the project.

Next, both parties enter into a Service Agreement with a mutually agreed upon project completion milestones and schedule. Once both parties start working together on a project, communication and project control are going to be the key to success.


As much as communication is the secret to the success of "outsourcing CAD services", it's a two way street. Humphrey Drafting & Design offers multiple options for team communication and we will work with new clients to define a process and schedule that works for both of us.

We stress on maintaining single point of contact and to make sure they are easily reachable for communication, especially during the early phases of working together, where there is a lot to learn working together and no scope for miscommunication.

Direct Control

At Humphrey Drafting & Design the customer is the boss and you have direct control over the team that is allocated to work for you. You define the project schedule, control the work process and get regular project updates. You will be working with your virtual back office (studio) team similar to the way you work with your onsite team - without worrying about human management overheads, of course.


It is to be understood that Humphrey Drafting & Design LLC and Residential Design Consultants are residential homes designers, building site and utility service cartographers, 3D MEP modelers for commercial building applications we provide technical service supporting engineering consulting firms, corporate engineering and architects, not marketing its services as a "professional engineering/surveying firm" or as a "registered architect" as outlined in the Ohio revised code.